‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Promotes An Inhuman To Regular Cast Member

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. substantially upped its game this season with the introduction of Inhumans, Cal Zabo the gleeful supervillain, and Grant Ward the creepy self-help supervillain. So, how do they follow that up for season three? Making the butt of every joke in our liveblogs a series regular!

Yep, we’re going to have more Lincoln to kick around, according to Variety. On the one hand, Luke Mitchell didn’t have much to work with in season two, since his job was to mostly get fooled by people and be Mr. Sensitive towards Skye. The love interest always gets screwed over in a television show, and few actors can break out of that.

On the other hand… where does he even fit on this show as a regular? It’s already got a surplus of characters and plotlines: Ward is rebuilding Hydra, Coulson literally needs a hand, Simmons got eaten by a Kree weapon, May decided banging Blair Underwood was way more appealing than getting punched, the Inhuman settlement of Afterlife just lost its entire leadership… oh, and also nobody thought to clean up those Terrigen crystals dumped in the bottom of the ocean, so Inhumans around the world are about to start popping up.

At least Lincoln has a useful superpower, so he’s got one up on Iris and Laurel, anyway. We’ll likely see what they’ve got planned for Lincoln this fall.

(Via Variety)