Alec Baldwin to Host 'SNL' Premiere

One of my favorite things about summer is that we rarely talk about “Saturday Night Live,” which means that I don’t have to read the two most tiresome and insipid comments this blog generates: “SNL is still on the air?” and “SNL hasn’t been funny since [famous actor] [died/left the show].” Boring and cynical comments like that are worse than a 6-minute Gilly sketch.

Nevertheless, we’ve got a little “SNL” news this week: Lorne Michaels confirmed to the New York Times that Alec Baldwin will host the season premiere of “SNL” in September (Baldwin’s 16th time as host), and Roger Catlin tweeted the news that no “SNL” cast member is leaving the show this summer. So keep those torches lit, Kenan Thompson haters.

But don’t worry, the show will audition for new cast members later this month, so there’s a chance there will at least be some new bright-eyed young comedian to hate. That’s something special, you know? We never really appreciated how much we disliked Jenny Slate until she was gone.