All 86 ‘Saved By The Bell’ Episodes, Definitively Ranked! (By IMDb Users)

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut of Saved by the Bell, let’s take a look at how all of the episodes were ranked by IMDb users, from worst to first (for effective dramatic purposes). You may notice a few trends when going over this list, like the little regard given to the final season’s installments, more commonly known as “Ugh, The Tori Semester.” The Hawaiian Style TV movie that was later chopped up into four syndication-edible episodes is not included, nor are the Good Morning, Miss Bliss, The College Years, or The College Years‘ Las Vegas movie, for reasons that should be obvious. Saved by the Bell: The New Class is a totally different show; kindly get the hell out of here for even asking about it.

The number before a period indicates the season, and the number after the period is the episode number in that season. After the episode title is the overall rating — IMDb users are allowed to give an episode a ranking of a whole number from 1 to 10. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of people who considered the episode a perfect 10, a perfect work of art.


4.13 “Isn’t It Romantic?” 5.3 from 30 users (6 users gave the episode a perfect 10)
A Valentine’s Day flashback episode. Flashbacks are too confusing.


4.22 “Best Summer of My Life” 5.4 from 36 users (7)
Zack recalls the best moments about the summer vacation from working at Malibu Springs. Do they not remember the thing about flashbacks?


4.12 “Class Rings” 5.8 from 37 users (3)
This episode had “Ninja Screech,” but also Tori.


2.12 “Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind” 6.1 from 53 users (5)
After Zack breaks the school’s video camera, him and the gang pretend to use Screech as an alien to buy another camera before realizing the government wants the alien. Sounds flashback confusing.

#81 (tie)

2.14 “The Babysitters” 6.2 from 45 users (5)
Kelly brings her baby brother Billy to school on Yearbook Picture Day and it’s up to the gang to fail miserably to watch him.

4.25 “The Time Capsule” 6.2 from 49 users (8)
In another misguided manipulation of time, Mr. Belding shows the class of 2003 a video time capsule of Zack and the gang.


1.05 “Screech’s Woman” 6.3 from 54 users (8)
Zack invents a girl who is interested in Screech to trick Screech into completing their science project. It’s the nicest thing he’ll ever do for him.

#75 (tie)

1.09 “Pinned to the Mat” 6.4 from 48 users (5)
During Career Week at school, Slater worries that continuing to focus on wrestling will not lead to a successful job. As a result, he quits the sport, worrying Zack, because he’s a friend who is in pain. Just kidding, it’s because he gambled on Slater.

2.10 “Model Students” 6.4 from 42 users (6)
Kelly is chosen as the winner of a photo contest that will make her famous in France. She doesn’t move to France.

4.19 “Screech’s Birthday” 6.4 from 34 users (3)
The gang forgets Screech’s birthday, obviously.

4.04 “The New Girl” 6.4 from 38 users (4)
Tori Scott rolls into town, and everyone forgets about Kelly Kapowhahuh and Jessie Whoso

2.17 Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo 6.4 from 42 users (4)
Football vs. Ballet, the timeless argument between two of the most broad gender stereotypes ever recorded.

#69 (tie)

1.13 “The Election” 6.5 from 54 users (8)
When Zack finds out that the elected student council president gets to leave school for a trip to Washington D.C., he runs against Jessie, because D.C. was a happening hot spot in the late 80s for teenagers who have zero desire to get into politics?

4.11 “Love Machine” 6.5/10 from 32 users (6)
Screech and Kelly basically invent OkCupid, and it causes love problems.

1.08 “Cream For a Day” 6.5 from 62 users (8)
Screech invents a zit cream. Zack sells it at school. It doesn’t work out. They already figured out the formula.

3.20 “Hold Me Tight” 6.5 from 39 users (6)
Zack leads the rest of the girls in a fight the school board over new girl Kristy’s right to be on the wrestling team, then Zack falls for her. She never returns to the show.

4.21 “Earthquake” 6.5 from 35 users (6)
Zack and Tori get stuck in an elevator with Mrs. Belding who goes into labor, doubling down in Trope Town.

3.07 “Check Your Mate” 6.5 from 44 users (8)
Zack and Slater try to make a profit out of Screech during his chess competition. Gambling remains to be illegal.

#63 (tie)

1.07 “The Substitute” 6.6/10 from 57 users (6)
A handsome substitute drama teacher arrives and causes the very subject he is teaching.

1.11 “The Friendship Business” 6.6 from 59 users (10)
If The Social Network was about a bracelet company.

2.08 “Miss Bayside” 6.6 from 51 users (6)
Slater, Screech, and Kevin the Robot enter a pageant, forever destroying human/robot relations.

4.02 “Student Teacher Week” 6.6 from 38 users (6)
Zack becomes principal for a day, and doesn’t legalize gambling for some reason.

4.14 “The Will” 6.6 from 35 users (4)
The school fights over how to spend the money that an alumni leaves the school, and it ends up being another gender fight.

4.16 “Slater’s Sister” 6.6 from 41 users (8)
Slater gets upset when his younger sister J.B. starts dating Zack. Slater and Zack have been friends for years at this point.

#50 (tie)

1.02 “The Lisa Card” 6.7 from 62 users (10)
Lisa charges too much on her father’s credit card. She learns her lesson about the hollowness of owning a bunch of material possessions and it profoundly changes her outlook on life.

1.12 “The Mamas and the Papas” 6.7 from 62 users (9)
The compulsory episode of a show set in high school with the fake marriages for some assignment you never had in real life.

2.02 “Zack’s War” 6.7 from 51 users (8)
Mr. Belding forces Zack to join an Army Cadet Corps, which apparently is something he can do.

2.06 “Blind Dates” 6.7 from 52 users (7)
Zack agrees to a date with Mr. Belding’s niece, but then Kelly happens, so he sends Screech instead. Friends kind of ripped this one off.

2.11 “1-900-CRUSHED” 6.7 from 43 users (7)
The IMDb synopsis by “Anonymous” sums it up: “Zack comes up with yet another crafty and underhanded plan to make some money for himself.”

3.03 “The Aftermath” 6.7 from 43 users (6)
After Zack and Kelly break up, Zack sees that Kelly is happy with her boss. Friends again.

3.08 “My Boyfriend’s Back” 6.7 from 40 users (8)
Jessie tries to prove she’s as good as Slater in an annual ATV race run by the Beach Club. Beach Club always causing problems.

3.18 “Palm Springs Weekend: Part 1” 6.7 from 43 users (10)
Slater dates a princess instead of helping Jessie deal with her issues with her dad marrying someone that makes him happy.

4.07 “Masquerade Ball” 6.7 from 35 users (4)
Zack and Slater bet on who can kiss Tori first because there’s no ATV race scheduled that weekend.

4.08 “Day of Detention” 6.7 from 37 users (5)
Zack gets in trouble trying to win a trip to Hawaii. What are you running from, Zack?

4.15 “Teacher’s Strike” 6.7 from 29 users (6)
Zack and the gang incite a teacher’s strike to prolong their ski vacation, but have to work hard to get the teacher’s back in time for the Academic Bowl. Simpsons kinda did it.

4.18 “Video Yearbook” 6.7 from 29 users (5)
Zack creates a “Girls of Bayside” video dating tape to make enough money to buy a car for himself, Screech manages to f*ck it up.

4.23 “Slater’s Friend” 6.7 from 42 users (8)
Slater leaves his pet chameleon with the gang when he goes away for a week, and then blames them when he returns and Archie is dead. Archie?

#45 (tie)

1.03 “The Gift” 6.8 from 60 users (9)
After Screech gets struck by lightning, he gains the ability to see into the future, and Zack uses him to cheat on a mid term exam. Zack isn’t a “big picture” kind of guy.

1.04 “Fatal Distraction” 6.8 from 61 users (10)
Zack and Screech bug the girls’ sleepover party. Jesus.

1.16 “Save That Tiger” 6.8 from 52 users (9)
When Bayside’s rival school, Valley, revives the schools’ ongoing prank war, the gang tries to get even. Did they have to burn Valley to the ground though?

2.04 “Driver’s Education” 6.8 from 53 users (9)
Zack gets jealous of Slater’s success in Driver’s Ed class, the way he chews his gum, the cut of his jib.

3.01 “The Last Dance” 6.8 from 50 users (12)
Kelly and Zack break up for awhile. So did Ross and Rachel.

#37 (tie)

1.10 “Beauty and the Screech” 6.9 from 51 users (7)
Kelly crushes on Screech. Episode written by a male contest winner.

1.15 “King of the Hill” 6.9 from 58 users (12)
An anomaly: a popular flashback episode. Only a flashback though because of Zack’s voiceover to explain away the fact that it was the pilot episode shown out of order.

2.03 “Save the Max” 6.9 from 61 users (9)
Zack and Screech discover the old Bayside High’s radio station and beg for it to reopen. Related: their podcast would be awful.

2.18 “The Glee Club” 6.9 from 47 users (8)
Zack finds out that Screech’s girlfriend is his ticket out of school and vacation into Hawaii. Hawaii isn’t that great, just ask Toby Flenderson.

3.06 “Fourth of July” 6.9 from 41 users (7)
The Beach Club holds its annual Fourth of July beauty pageant and Zack is one of the judges. I guess this isn’t one of those high end Beach Clubs.

3.17 “S.A.T.s” 6.9 from 44 users (7)
Zack finds out he got a 1502 on the S.A.T.’s, and we all just sat there believing this.

3.19 “Palm Springs Weekend: Part 2 6.9 from 40 users (9)
Slater gets intimidated over a princess from a fake country.

4.17 “The Senior Prom” 6.9 from 32 users (6)
Once again from the popular “Anonymous”: “Hijinks run all-round before the last dance of the school as the gang tries to raise money to hold their Senior Prom.”

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