All The Answers And Open Questions From The ‘Archer’ Season 5 Finale

Archer Season 5 has been the most serialized of any Archer season, so the “Arrivals/Departures” finale in turn had more of a bookend feel than any of its finale predecessors. It relied less on gags and guest stars (although Christian Slater vagina critiques are always welcome) and more on giving us answers to some of the big questions.

With that in mind I’m going to forgo the usual format today and instead rundown all the questions we now have answers to, as well as the open question going into next season’s de-boot. Chet’s GIFs as always are here to fill the void. Spoilers ahead.

Things We Know:

  • Malory and the CIA were in cahoots to sell cocaine all along. Typical annual budget stuff.
  • Unless there was some memory sharing element to the Clone Bone I’m not aware of, the Krieger left standing is our Krieger.
  • “Damn dog” and the slap gag should join the long-term running jokes arsenal.
  • “That wasn’t a brain chip, that was just the sticker off the backpack of a little Lego spaceman.”
  • Also, Cheryl is still sometimes Carol, which I appreciate.
  • Most everyone “had black guy.”
  • Ray and Christian Slater do not have the romantic chemistry we were all hoping for.
  • Archer didn’t know about the CIA arrangement.
  • “All the other stuff aside, physically you’re an amazing human being.” — Lana see Archer’s better qualities.
  • And oh yeah, he’s the dad! And not just because he’s confused and just came out of a coma!

Open Questions:

  • Will ISIS going back to being ISIS?
  • Will Pam go back to pre-cocaine Pam?
  • Will Cheryl revert back or treat Cherlene like a superhero alter ego?
  • What happens to the nerve gas?
  • Will Ray ever find someone?
  • What if that’s not our Krieger?
  • Will Archer only refer to the baby as “Baby!”?
  • What is Christian Slater’s deal?
  • Most important of all: “Hey, is your dad still big into tapas?”

Seriously though, I NEED ANSWERS about the tapas. This was pretty much me all night thinking about that conversation.

Check out all of Chet’s GIFs here. Looking forward to baseless speculation in the thread.