Alligator Loki Now Has Its Own (Unofficial) Theme Song And Honestly It’s About Damn Time

Loki‘s first season is finished, and fans are buzzing about the possibilities for a second season. The course of Marvel’s movies shifted considerably in the course of the show’s run, even if it did well to stand on its own as far as watchability outside of the MCU.

Now that the season is finished, though, many fans are looking ahead to what’s next. And many of those fans hope that the show brings back some new Loki variants in Season 2 as their expansion of Lokis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had some charming consequences.

More than just Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Sylvie, the show introduced a few other Norse gods to the mix including some Lokis of a different species. And now one Loki that captured the imagination of many fans has its own theme song. Jonathan Mann, who creates a song once a day and posts it on Twitter, decided that Friday was the day to give the world an unofficial song for Alligator Loki, who first appeared in the show’s fifth episode. And, well, it’s pretty damn good.

Perhaps the clips of Alligator Loki looking menacing and slightly mischievous help to sell the effect, but fans of the Marvel show will certainly appreciate a character that immediately trended online in the wake of the episode’s release on Disney+. Considering all the gator-themed Marvel merch that’s almost certain to follow, it certainly makes sense that the hand-chomping Loki now gets its own tune.