Allison Mack Has Been Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Her Role In The NXIVM Sex Cult

Smallville actress Allison Mack has been sentenced to three years in prison for her role as a “master” in the NXIVM sex cult. After pleading guilty to racketeering charges, Mack was looking at 14 to 17 years in prison. However, court documents recently revealed that she had secretly provided prosecutors with evidence that led to the conviction of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere, who was sentenced to 120 years in prison.

In exchange for her cooperation, Mack was granted a reduced sentence during a court appearance on Wednesday. She was also requesting house arrest in lieu of jail time, which she was not granted. Via the Associated Press:

Under advisory sentencing guidelines, Mack would face between 14 and 17 1/2 years behind bars, but her defense team argued in court papers that probation or a sentence to home confinement is more appropriate. Prosecutors had agreed that any prison term should be below the guidelines range because of her cooperation.

“The NXIVM saga and the story of Ms. Mack’s descent have been a tragedy for all involved. But that need not, and should not, be the end of the story for Allison Mack,” her lawyers wrote in court papers.

While Mack provided prosecutors with an audio recording of Raniere concocting the branding ritual that would be used on the cult’s “slaves,” Mack was also involved in that process. When she was initially slapped with charges back in 2018, Mack also made the bizarre admission to New York Times Magazine that the branding ritual was her idea. Although, at the time, she was still deeply devoted to Raniere. That was not the case during her sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

“I made choices I will forever regret,” Mack told the judge while denouncing Raniere.

(Via Associated Press)