Almost Every Single Cast Member Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Has Appeared On ‘Law & Order’

In what is some of the hands down finest internet reporting I’ve ever seen, last week the folks over at Autostraddle complied an article of every cast member of Orange is the New Black who has appeared on Law & Order. And just how many is that, you ask? Fifteen? Sixteen? Hell, even twenty? No, motherf*ckers — thirty-f*cking-three. Thirty-three people from Orange is the New Black have, at some point, appeared on Law & Order. It’s no wonder, as I mentioned yesterday, that I need to keep IMBD open while I do my recaps.

Anyway, here’s a gif wall of ten of them, via this tumblr, but I can’t encourage you enough to go check out Autostraddle’s piece. Also, fun fact about me? Hand to god, I have never seen an episode of Law & Order. Yeah, I don’t know how that’s possible either.