The ‘Always Sunny’ Gang Has Their Own Line Of Whiskey On The Way And It’s For A Good Cause (Really)

It seems like a natural progression for shows to collaborate on alcoholic beverages as merch. Fans have seen it with the Breaking Bad duo coming up with their own mezcal, The Walking Dead’s whiskey line, and even the short-lived Handmaid’s Tale line of wines which were pulled from shelves after just a few days. Yikes! But, when your show is literally about alcohol, it makes sense to come out with a line of whiskey, which is exactly what the gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is doing.

Named Four Walls, the whiskey is backed by Sunny stars and creators Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, and Charlie Day. But unlike other celebrity alcohol lines, the proceeds will be given to hospitality workers in need. In a statement, Howerton explained the inspiration behind the name and the idea. “We wanted to create a brand celebrating the four walls that have held our favorite memories in and kept our troubles out.”

Co-star McElhenney added, “We were shooting Season 15 when bars were shutting down all across America. So, we decided to source some really great whiskeys and create something as a tribute to the bar and kick it off by giving back.”

The tribute will consist of two whiskeys: one rare Irish whiskey with a special edition signed packaging will retail for $999 (!) while the more casual blended Irish and State Pennsylvania Rye will go for a more reasonable $89. Pickled eggs not included.

Day continued, “We learned just how rare and how collectible old Irish Whiskey is, and we couldn’t believe we got our hands on some and wanted to release it and do something for the people and places that do so much for all of us — the bars and the bartenders.”

As for It’s Always Sunny, the series has been on for 15 seasons, and it was renewed for at least two more seasons, which means there is potential for more product tie-ins. It’s never too late to make Kitten Mittens.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)