The Best ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Episodes, Ranked


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a show with a simple premise that’s sprawled over its double-digit seasons to address, well, pretty much everything. How a comedy about five Philadelphia bar urchins who are truly terrible people can be this nuanced — and this funny — really is astounding. But why Always Sunny has prevailed is really pretty simple: the characters live in a universe all their own, and the writing has fleshed The Gang out to make them each uniquely terrible.

There are so many great episodes over the show’s 13 seasons and counting that it’s tough to really narrow down the very best ones. They all have specific moments that make you laugh out loud, and whether you’re a fan of the subtle changes in Mac’s sexual awakening or watching Dennis slowly become unhinged, there’s always something in an episode that makes it worth the watch.

Still, decisions must be made here. And we’re counting down the 10 very best episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which means some tough but fair choices. And to be clear, there are far too many great episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to include on this list. It could be twice, or maybe three times, as long and we’re almost certainly going to miss some good ones. But these are the 10 best according to an extremely biased and unreliable narrator that’s flawed but, ultimately, lovable. Maybe.

10) The Gang Hits The Road (Season 5, Episode 2)


The Story: Charlie’s never left Philadelphia, and he wants to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

Why It’s On The List: The show had never really left the bar or Philly proper, and this is it’s big chance to expand its horizons with Charlie leading the way. They don’t get far. Distracted by Charlie admitting that he’s also never eaten a pear, they go to a market to knock that off his bucket list. And then they try to travel in a U-Haul filled with stuff they got at the market. There’s haggling, a fire and a lot of car shuffling. There’s also an extremely disgusting lesson in air physics in here, but once you see Sweet Dee sing “Runaway Train” to a teen while filling a pee jar, you’ll forget all about ever trying to get to the Grand Canyon.

9) The Gang Broke Dee (Season 9, Episode 1)


The Story: The Gang’s abuse of Dee has finally broken her. Dennis wants to set her up with a man with equally low self-esteem, but the rest of The Gang has plans for Dee’s comedy career.