‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’ Is Returning To TV And She’s Bringing Ted Nugent With Her

Brace yourselves, because the second season of Amazing America with Sarah Palin is set to begin airing new episodes on the Sportsman Channel on January 15th. If that ain’t enough, the former Alaska Governor is bringing America’s own conservative, meat loving, guitar shredding maniac Ted Nugent with her. From Variety:

“Ted Nugent is not only a rock-n-roll icon, but a true American outdoorsman who practices what he preaches,” Palin said in the Sportsman Channel statement. “His outspoken candor regarding America and our civil liberties is a breath of fresh air. I’m so excited he’s joining me for an episode this season.”

Well geez, color her excited!

I’ll be honest here… if it weren’t for Palin herself, I’d probably watch the f*ck out of this show. Then again, I’m a sucker for travel shows in general. Back in season one, the show took its field hosts to locations around the country to visit everyone from doomsday preppers to duck call enthusiasts. If only they added a former Miss USA to the series… From Alaska Dispatch News:

Joining the lineup of field hosts is Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, who has become an advocate for substance abuse awareness and recovery since revealing during her reign as Miss USA that she struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse and receiving a widely publicized “second chance” from Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe pageant organization.

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and a Miss USA from 2006 all in one show? I understand the aesthetic appeal a former beauty pageant winner will bring to the show. But, come on America! We can do better!

Hey Sportsman Channel, I have a suggestion — just replace Tara Conner with Anthony Bourdain. Not only is he a master at providing educationally biting insight while hosting a travel show, he would also be a perfect advocate for substance abuse awareness and recovery given the various struggles he has overcome himself. Plus, we all know how Anthony Bourdain feels about Sarah Palin.

(Via: Variety / Alaska Dispatch News)