AMC Has Released The First Teaser Clips From The Final Eight Episodes Of ‘Breaking Bad’

07.13.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Here are two incredibly short, incredibly vague teaser clips from the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. The first features a reflection of Jesse’s face in a glass table as a cockroach skitters across the screen. The second shows Hank speeding down the road with an expression on his face that makes it look like he’s having stomach trouble. Maybe that’s why he’s speeding? Because he has to find a bathroom? Sure, it’s unlikely, seeing as Breaking Bad has rarely drawn inspiration from straight-to-DVD National Lampoon movies with titles like Sex House: Beer Squad or Fart University, but with only four seconds of actual footage to go on at this point, it’s way too soon to rule it out.

August 11. Twenty-nine days. 1.862 episodes per day if you haven’t started watching and want to get caught up in time for the premiere. This is not a drill.

(via ONTD)

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