Brandon Routh And Wentworth Miller Will Star In A New ‘Arrow’ And ‘Flash’ Spin-Off For The CW

Chock this one up to wish fulfillment, perhaps. In order to capitalize on the massive popularity of the Arrow/Flash universe that currently exists on The CW, the network has put into development a new spin-off series that will star Brandon Routh (Atom), Victor Garber (Firestorm), Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance/Canary).

The project is in early stages of development, so there is a possibility for other Arrow/Flash characters to cross over to the new spinoff. Additionally, in a tidbit that should get fans fired up, I have learned the new project will include three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series. (via Deadline)

When Atom was first introduced in Arrow, many assumed it was going to eventually lead to Routh landing his own series as the character, but all of this seems very strange without clarification. For one thing, Lotz’s character is flat-out dead in the series’ universe, so her casting makes zero sense at the current stage. For now, the show is slated to produce a pilot for the current season, and until it gets a series order, everything else will remain speculation.

Source: Deadline