An ‘Aussie Babe’ Explains What It’s Like To Be Topless On TV’s Highest Rated Sitcom

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04.27.14 19 Comments
Marissa Wynne


In Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family, the Dunphy/Prichett gang traveled to frog-plagued Australia, because the show’s been on for five seasons and still hasn’t made a “Down Under” pun? Hijinks ensued, Alex said something smart, Phil said something dumb, Claire did her best “screaming dingo” impression, etc. It was a normal, perfectly fine episode of Modern Family, except set in sunny Australia, not sunny Los Angeles, and, oh yeah, there was a topless “Aussie babe.”

Her name is Marissa Wynne, and she spoke to the Daily Telegraph about playing “quintessential half-naked Australian beach babe” on a show watched by approximately 193 million people.

At first Wynne was simply known as “topless woman” for the episode.

Then her character was given a name — Erica.

“It’s Modern Family, but still I think ‘Erica’ looks nicer on my resume than ‘topless woman’,” Wynne said, with a laugh.

Wynne, who moved to Sydney five years ago from Queensland, admits she was a little nervous baring her flesh for the episode, knowing how many people would eventually be watching.

“It’ll be shown all over the world and it will be shown for years. You know, I see re-runs of this all the time.” (Via)

If you missed it, expect this episode, like every Modern Family episode, to air three times a day on USA.

Via Daily Telegraph

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