And Now, Here's A 90s Version Of The 'Game Of Thrones' Opening Credits

Two things:

1) This 90s-ified opening credits sequence for Game of Thrones is very cool, and extremely well done. They’ve even worked in the fuzziness and random distortion you used to see from a VHS tape that was recorded over a few dozen times and was starting to wear out, which is a nice touch. And the theme song they chose, “I Want It All,” is just perfect. I give them all the credit in the world. Drinks are on me, whoever made this. You’ve earned it.

2) That said, we are speeding toward the tipping point on the TV Shows As 90s Shows thing at what I can only describe as a breakneck pace. Look, I’m a bigger fan of stupid 90s nostalgia than anyone, and even I see that. If you’ve got one of these in the hopper, you better get it out soon and it better be good — REAL GOOD — or else history will not judge your efforts kindly. Trust me. I know. I once spent a whole day helping to make a slideshow of Charlie Sheen quotes. If you learn from my mistakes, we can get through this together. Help me help you.

(Via Vulture)