Andy Samberg Gave Away His HBO Now Log-In At The Emmys

In 2014, HBO CEO Richard Plepler famously revealed that he doesn’t care about people sharing HBO Go passwords. “It’s not that we’re unmindful of it, it just has no impact on the business,” he said, adding that it’s a “terrific marketing vehicle for the next generation of viewers.” So, don’t feel guilty about asking your parents’ for their log-in. Except now you won’t need it.

Andy Samberg made a killer Arli$$ shout-out during tonight’s Emmys, shortly before showing millions “his” HBO Now log-in ( and password (password1). The former is, of course, a Game of Thrones reference, and the latter, well, at least it’s not “123456.”

Better yet, it actually works as these people found out.

I’m sure HBO is thrilled that Samberg, who starred in 7 Days In Hell, pulled this stunt. Either that, or they’re wondering why so many people are suddenly watching Entourage.