Another Reason To Hate The Vice President’s Son On ‘Homeland’: This Rap

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11.09.12 7 Comments

It’s been an excellent second season of Showtime’s Homeland, with fantastic performances from Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Mandy Patinkin and gutsy plot decisions by the writers. But, in terms that only Carrie cares about, there’s been one very noticeable bum note in an otherwise superb six-hour long saxophone solo: Morena Baccarin hasn’t taken her top off yet. Actually two bum notes: the Morena thing and also FINN WALDEN.

Ugh. FINN. WALDEN. Doesn’t that sound like the name of a future Ivy League lacrosse player who becomes embroiled in a rape scandal? But for now, the Vice President’s son is just — SPOILER ALERT — hitting on Dana Brody and hitting a woman with his car. So, right on track for that sexual assault conviction.

It’s not like you need another reason to hate FINN WALDEN, who’s to Showtime as Joffrey Baratheon is to HBO (entitled teenage brat who thinks he has more power than he actually does), but if you were looking for one, here’s actor Timothee Chalamet (!) doing a white boy rap to “Tiny Tim & Sixth Period Lunch.”

I look forward to this video going viral again when FINN WALDEN is given an ironic form of capital punishment: DEATH BY SNOW…BLOWER COMMA PUTTING HIS HEAD INTO.


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