Anthony Bourdain Continues To Not Be A Guy Fieri Fan

Handsome hero Anthony Bourdain appeared on The Opie & Anthony Show on Friday to discuss, among other things, vulgar villain Guy Fieri, who the No Reservations host has trashed before, because he’s awesome. The last time the two “interacted,” it was via Twitter, when Bourdain joked about Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini; this time, via Eater, Bourdain took on the “culinary Hell” that is Guy’s American Bar and Kitchen.

I’m fascinated by the Guy Fieri terror-dome they just opened up. 600 seats, something like that? 600 seats. And a gift shop. And all of these poor diners, drives and whatever, douchebags waddle in there. First of all, he single handedly turned the neighborhood into the Ed Hardy district which I’m a little pissed off about…But all of these poor bastards see him eating cheap food on TV, they go in there and it’s what $18? For a f*cking hamburger? The french fries are like $12? By the time you buy a drink you’re out of there for what? I tell you what [Ed. note: I like that he talks like Hank Hill], that guy has set back spelling like two decades. All these kids trying to spell “kewl” with a K. (Via)

HE MAKES FUN OF WHAT WE MAKE FUN OF. HE USES THE WORD “DOUCHEBAG.” WE USE THE WORD “DOUCHEBAG.” If there’s a photo of him with Christopher Walken out there, it might be true love.


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