Anthony Bourdain’s Takedown Of EDM Is A Thing To WOMP WOMP WOMP

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04.24.14 32 Comments


“I used to be with It, but then they changed what It was. Now, what I’m with isn’t It, and what’s It seems weird and scary to me.” And it’ll happen to you, too, EDM kids. Electronic dance machine is the new IT, and it’s taking over music festivals, stadiums, and the EDM of American cities, Las Vegas. Ravers are fine with this bass-dropping development, but not Anthony Bourdain. Here’s what the crankiest of chefs had to say about DJs during a recent episode of Parts Unknown set in the Land of the 24-Hour Buffet.

Bourdain: “These days, for better or worse, live acts, live performers, are being squeezed out in favor of EDM. Electronic dance music. It’s a DJ’s world, and where once they used to say cocaine was god’s way of saying you had too much money, now maybe EDM is.”

Surveying the young be-glowsticked crowd at Marquee: “Come ye lords and princelings of douchedom. Hear my clarion call. Anointeth thyself with gel and heavenly body spray. Maketh the sign of the devil horns with thine hands. Let there be the high fiving and the hugging of many bros, for this is the kingdom and the power. Now frolic and maketh it to rain.” (Via)

I don’t want to hate EDM, because then I feel like my dad who doesn’t understand why anyone would want to listen to the “hip-hop music,” but I do. Maybe I just haven’t experienced it “right”?

dog edm

Now I love EDM. Sorry, Bourdain.

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