The Best Of Last Night's 'Archer': 'Eat A Dick, Jungle'

“Rules of Extraction” picked the narrative right up from where we left off last week, but more importantly it also picked up the back-to-basics themes of Archer & Co. on a mission-gone-weird with cutaways to shenanigans from home base. For me this is when the show is at its best, with Sterling going all half-cocked alpha male in an exotic setting he fears and/or despises, Ray and Cyril around for just enough buddy comedy. The side story was obviously the weaker component, and I could have used a few more bursts of Krieger, but all-in-all just old fashioned ISIS good times.

And I can honestly say I was more shocked by the croc attack than by anything that happened on The Walking Dead on Sunday. Holy sh*t that was gruesome.

Now for the best lines, moments, and a few observations from yours truly:

  • I never use “epic” ‘but that jungle car crash scene was epic. An extra long tip of the cap to Floyd County on that one. Also: “Eat a dick, jungle.”
  • BJ and the Bear
  • In college we had an explanation that invoked how you treat your country as to why you “Don’t call a fraternity a ‘frat’.” I won’t share that here.
  • Crepuscular
  • I really want to hear the rest of Krieger’s explanation of the intercom voicemail gag. I was *this* close to being 100% convinced Archer is in fact autistic.
  • “Fear is there bacon bits.”
  • Pam’s Archer cosplay sex fantasy got a wee bit dark, huh? Are Lana and I the only ones who forgot that she’s had sex with pretty much everyone?
  • A Sterling Archer nature show really can’t happen fast enough.
  • Phrasing jokes about not doing phrasing joke are still my new favorite phrasing jokes.
  • I like that we don’t even acknowledge when Sterling gets shot anymore.
  • Slater sighting! Is he pretty much playing himself? I’m all for that.

Finally, I really loved the Ray storyline this episode. Equal parts smart, funny, and touching-for-Archer. Of course the real takeaway is FEAR CROCODILES…

Check out all of Chet’s most excellent GIFs here. The really gruesome portion is on page 2.