Argument Escalates On Talk Show. Two Men Try To Flip Table At The Same Time. Awkward Hilarity Ensues.

The video below is of a news and debate show in Jordan. It’s not clear what the two old men were debating prior to the argument, but the argument during the clip is actually very silly. Typical of these debate shows even in America, they’re arguing over who should be allowed to speak. As in, one old guy is basically saying, “You had your say, let me talk now,” and the other guy is saying, “Shut the f**k up, it’s my turn to speak,” “No, go to hell, it’s my turn,” “No, SHUT UP. YOU SPOKE FIRST, NOW IT’S MY TURN.”

So, basically, it’s not that different from an argument we’ve seen on Geraldo or Bill O’Reilly, save for one thing: The two men attempt to flip the table onto each other AT THE SAME TIME. It gets awkward. And funny. And then ALL DECORUM goes out the door when one old guy tries to kick the other old guy in the shin while holding the broken table top that separates them. They take their arguments in Jordan VERY SERIOUSLY.

In other words, typical debate show levels of maturity going on here. Jump to :40 for the good stuff.

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