'Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Colony Collapse’

Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: Double Crossers.

As I’ve made clear throughout these quasi-recaps, I understand how certain episodes can be divisive on an individual basis — especially on first watch — but if the GOB-centric “Colony Collapse” didn’t do it for you, well, consider us no longer friends. GOB Bluth has been my favorite Arrested Development character since the moment he taught me the difference between tricks and illusions (and I’m not usually one to pick favorites) and as Josh pointed out in his next day power rankings Will Arnett slipped back into his most iconic role perfectly and effortlessly.

I’m usually wary about the inclusion of timely pop culture parody because it often misses or doesn’t hold up over time, but the Entourage rip — mainly thanks to Jeremy Piven’s bar — is some of the most brilliant sh*t I’ve ever seen. I would also gladly pay $.99 three times to get a full copy of Mark Cherry’s “Getaway.” Let’s get this image out of the way now before we jump right in.

“Way to plant, Ann.” The same compliment George Michael gives Ann in “¡Amigos!,” the S2 episode where the family forgets her in Mexico. GOB proceeds to call her “Plant” just like Michael did in the S2 episode. Also a pretty obvious callback to Ann’s low center of gravity that makes her impossible to knock over.

Tobias is a How Dey Do Dat, a term for magic show audience members as coined by Tony Wonder in S2.

“Got my yes.” We finally get clued in to the “yes” GOB was referring to when he walks through Lindsay and Tobias back in “Indian Takers” (one I was wrong about and corrected in the comments).

GOB Bluth: Christian Magician. The first of many instances that point to the fact that GOB knows nothing about Christianity despite his new monicker.

“GOB was uncomfortable with the question.” Just becaus GIF Wall.

All of Ann’s new names. This is probably a good time to list them. In chronological order: Egg, And, Mouth, and Blank.

Tony Wonder’s new tagline is a take on the protestors from the pilot episode chanting, “We’re here, we’re queer, we want to get married on the ocean.” Later in the episode at the Schnoodle event he tweaks it to, “I’m here, I’m queer, and now I’m in a speaker.”

“Her stomach’s out to here.” The first nod to Ann being pregnant. Also the first appearance of the delicacy known as mustard and parmesan.

GOB’s Wedding Seating didn’t include Tobias and ironically Tobias is the only family member who shows up (although under different pretenses).

“I don’t want these.” — S4’s “huge mistake” is a repeat of George’s reaction to Oscar’s friends taking him in.

“He’s not coming back.” At the time we assume Ann Veal knows GOB is not only a sh*tty magician but someone who’s not interested in marrying her BUT WHAT IF she’s actually the one who locked the key compartment because she was in love with Tony Wonder and carrying his child? This statement carries a different type of confidence then.

Gob’s pronunciation of “Job”. This is where Netflix closed caption is especially glorious, further continuing GOB’s lack of theology knowledge while giving us a glimpse into his mind.

“Is that going to happen to my hair?” — Steve Holt in S2’s “The Immaculate Election”. Not only is everything about Steve Holt’s reappearance in S4 brilliantly played — from the flashback about his mom an hour earlier to the commentary on peaking in high school — but his new hairline harkens back to a concern he had immediately upon discovering who his biological father is.

Marc Cherry the baby-faced Desperate Housewives showrunner made a cameo appearance in AD S2 and was the inspiration for S4’s pop singer of the phonetically same name. Mitch Hurwitz and Marc Cherry got their starts on Golden Girls together.

Roofie Circle = Memento. GOB’s daily roofie circle trips by the mirror are an homage to the most excellent Chris Nolan psychological thriller.

Police Boats. GOB is telling the story either from the Pilot or “Development Arrested” or maybe even “Pier Pressure” to his comatose friends.

A “T” for Tony Wonder. Not just another example of GOB’s continued lack of religion knowledge, but also a callback to Maeby mistaking a cross for a “T” in “Motherboy XXX”.

And to close, here’s GOB’s face many of the times he hears ♫ Hello darkness, my old friend ♫

F*ck me what a fun installment.

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