‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In 'Off The Hook'

Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: It Gets Better.

I honestly can’t think of a better time to go live with the penultimate installment of these in-depth recaps than  the day we received confirmation that Arrested Development will definitely be coming back for a fifth season in some form or another. I think we all had pretty much taken this as granted (I know I did) based on the data and Mitch Hurwitz leaving Season 4 as open-ended as he did, but this morning’s news was a reassuring message.

It’s not the return news alone that makes this all so apropos for the Buster episode though. It’s Hurwitz’s message that, “I want to get the cast all together and not do another anthology thing.”

As much as I loves the S4 format from a change of pace and magical storytelling perspective (not to mention understood the necessity due to cast schedules) I don’t think I could take another season installment where I experienced so little Buster Bluth, especially with how seamlessly Tony Hale slipped back into the role. I’m pretty sure Emmy voters felt the same way and nominated him for Veep to send Hurwitz & Co. a message.

So let’s go into this one with a little “huzzah, huzzah” to the idea of a lot more Buster the next time around. Maybe in some sort of imprisoned bizzaro George Sr. Season 1 sort of role? That could be most excellent.

Show Stealer Pro – Trial Version expires as the end of Buster’s S3 flashback.

Buster’s nude sewing is a reference to Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

Buster doesn’t know how to make spaghetti so he just put a can of tomato sauce over noodles. “This pasta is way overcooked, Buster!” — Vince Vaugh in Psycho.

You can see the sunken Queen Mary in the background as Buster runs to his mother’s trial.

Where’d you get the pirate hat?

Kissing Lucille 2 leaves a black forehead stain on Buster. You know, because — shocking spoiler alert — Liza’s hair isn’t still naturally dark.

In the hallway outside Lucille 2’s apartment, you very briefly see a man in a “Blendin Maintenance” uniform. I couldn’t get a good screengrab but per Wikia: “‘Blendin’ has been used many times before on the series by undercover federal agents, perhaps suggesting that Lucille 2 is being monitored by the feds.”

This quick Locker Hawkers intro reveals the real inspirational voice behind GOB’s fateful message.

“The drones are coming. Nothing matters now.”

“It’s as if they wrote that song for my own son.”
They did.

The Lucille 2 for Congress website also nods to Liza Minnelli’s singing career.

“He’s gotten himself into some pretty hot ham water this time.” – Just a wonderfully subtle callback.

The ostrich on the juice box looks just like Buster.

It’s 9:23 when Buster first runs up to the stair car scene.

And 9:28 the next time we see the camera view.

WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT FIVE MINUTES?!?! I’d like to hear your theories. Was that enough time to perform as the Rock Monster AND dispose of a body?

And finally, to close things out, all the Buster dancing GIFs you can handle…

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