Two Beloved ‘Arrested Development’ Cast Members Are Reuniting Onscreen Soon

06.09.16 3 years ago

It’s not a trick and it’s not an illusion: two Arrested Development costars are teaming up for an onscreen reunion. Unfortunately, no, it’s not for that fifth season of the show that we’ve been promised, but it’s still worth getting excited about. Tony Hale (Buster Bluth on the show, as well as the legendary Gary from Veep) and Alia Shawkat (Maeby Bluth) are reuniting for an upcoming episode of Drunk History.

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Arrested Season 5. Been a few changes.

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Hale posted a picture of the two in costume for the show on his Instagram account earlier today, joking that there had been some changes made to the fifth season of Arrested Development. In reality, they’re geared up for some good ol’ fashioned acting out of drunken monologues on American history. No information is currently available as to which historical figures they’ll be playing, but by the looks of their wigs and attire, it’s a Revolutionary War-era story. Will they make the internet explode into a million pieces and do something Hamilton -centric? Who knows. Look, we’re just saying, Shawkat would make an awesome Thomas Jefferson, and as long as Tony Hale is finally getting a chance to play a fully-functional adult character, we’ll be happy.

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