‘Arthur’ Fans React To The Beloved PBS Series Ending After 25 Years

The series finale of beloved children’s show Arthur aired this week, and the internet went into full-blown nostalgia mode, sharing their favorite aardvark memories from the last 25 years of the show.

The show ended in a touching full-circle moment, with Arthur becoming what he always wanted to be: an author. His first story? How he got his glasses, which just so happened to be the first episode of Arthur way back in 1996. That is the definition of wholesome content.

Obviously, millennials were inspired by the aardvark’s various adventures over the last two decades. We were all there when he got his first library card, and when DW was being the most annoying little sister on the planet. As the Arthur generation grew up, his likeness became the face of many memes and jokes. Arthur has been there for us through it all! It’s sad to see a monumental show end, but a finale like this also created an opportunity for some really good tweets.

We were able to see Arthur & his pals grow up, and the original voice actor came back to portray 28-year-old Arthur for the finale. Though some people were a little…critical of his late-twenties look.

He also met his maker, literally, when the creator of the show Marc Brown, had a cameo on the finale.

As Arthur publishes his graphic novel, it’s revealed that the whole series was actually written by the aardvark himself. Now that’s a beautiful ending.

The show was also known for its inclusivity, featuring a gay wedding in its later seasons, which was rare for a children’s show. Fans pointed out that they hinted at even more in the finale.

The official Arthur Twitter account assured the internet that our friend isn’t going away forever, and his legacy will live on, with digital shorts and online content. Although we could do without DW becoming a cop. She already did enough tattle-tailing as a kid.