As A Guest, Jon Stewart Was A Dick To Craig Kilborn On One Of The Very First ‘The Daily Show’ Episodes

The above video (of questionable quality) of Jon Stewart as a guest on the first season of The Daily Show hosted by Craig Kilborn seems to hint at Jon Stewart’s real feelings for his predecessor. I don’t know exactly what Stewart thought of Kilborn himself, but he has admitted publicly that Kilborn’s staff were a bunch of a-holes who nearly drove him to quit the show.

However, if you’ve seen Jon Stewart interviews with other people, you can always tell when he’s not exactly fond of them. He turns into a passive-aggressive dick whose self-deprecation almost seems to be aimed at the other guy. That’s kind of how he’s acting toward Kilborn in this interview. Honestly, I’ve seen Stewart treat Bill O’Reilly better than he treated Kilborn.

Also, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was Jon Stewart interviewing Kilborn instead of the other way around, which I suppose is appropriate foreshadowing. (Stewart, for the record, was much nicer to Kilborn the next time he appeared, which would be on Kilborn’s second-to-last episode of The Daily Show).