Aziz Ansari Returned As Bobby Jindal To Talk ‘Star Wars’ And His High Concept Nude Paintings

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11.20.15 2 Comments

Aziz Ansari got a chance to do something he had planned for quite a while last week, donning a fine suit and Southern accent to play Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on The Tonight Show. And now, being that Jindal has dropped out of the race for the White House and will no longer be captain of the ship in Louisiana, Ansari is back to play him again to address where the future will take him.

It turns out there’s options, much like at a buffet or a funeral home. Aziz’s Jindal points out that he’s suspending his campaign, much like Han Solo was suspended in carbonite in Star Wars. He then plans to thaw it out and rise again in 2020, which is likely not far from the truth. Aiming for double digits next time, I assume.

Before we hit that point, Jindal will apparently be hitting the road to get back to the heart of America in his new TV show:

And then we reach the moment that makes the entire sketch (I kinda want to call it a skit, just because) worthwhile: Jindal’s painting. Aziz AnJindal claims to have taken some painting tips from former President George W. Bush, but his subjects are a little more creative than self-portraits and paintings of dogs. Seeing Ansari as a nude Bobby Jindal riding an eagle is worth it, not to mention that the entire thing is pretty edgy for The Tonight Show. A “BJ” joke and nude paintings in the first five minutes of the show? Did Lenny Bruce rise up from the dead to write this?

(Via The Tonight Show)

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