Aziz Ansari’s Deleted Scene Would Have Made ‘Gravity’ Even More Intense

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11.07.13 9 Comments


Aziz Ansari stopped by Conan last night to discuss a whole mess of things (more on that later), with the most shocking revelation being that of his original role in the smash hit Gravity. Aziz made it all the way through filming, but his storyline was cut by Alfonso Cuarón during post-production — so we never got to see him floating in space.

Fortunately, Aziz brought some original footage from one of his most intense scenes. It’s probably a good thing this wasn’t included in the final cut. When it comes to lovable creatures hurtling through the vacuum of space, the only thing that ranks above George Clooney and Sandra Bullock on the Tell Me When It’s Over scale is PUPPIES.

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