Behold, It’s ‘Dawson’s Creek’ With Dogs. It’s ‘Dachshund’s Creek.’

It’s been a banner week for dog reenactments. First, on Sunday, John Oliver introduced his all-dog version of the Supreme Court set to audio of a recent oral argument. Now, today, less than 48 hours later, a YouTube user named Michael Immerman has rolled out an all-dog version of the hit late-1990s teen drama Dawson’s Creek, titled, appropriately enough, Dachshund’s Creek. The video takes a handful of notable scenes from the show’s pilot and lays the audio over a video of dogs recreating the scenes. Hmm, this sounds fascinating. Let’s have a little look-see and investigate, shall we?

Oh God. Yes. That wig. YES. And that look. Big shoutout to Winnie the Dog for her performance as Katie Holmes as Joey, because she conveyed almost as much emotion and feeling in one brief, sultry glance toward the camera as Katie did in 128 episodes of programming. Remarkable. I look forward to her pairing off with a Jack Russell Terrier version of Tom Cruise in a handful of years.

Anyway, with any luck this is just the first in a long line of teen drama dog reenactments, and before long we’ll be watching a canine Seth Cohen attempt to choose between a light-haired comic-book-loving corgi from Pittsburgh and the snobby but adorable dark-haired corgi of his dreams. Team Snobby But Adorable Corgi.

Source: The AV Club