Vivian Assures Carlton That ‘Evolving Never Stops’ Ahead Of ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2, Episode 7

There are just a few weeks left in season two of Bel-Air, but there is plenty that lies ahead for the Banks family. Last week’s episode, titled “Let The Best Man Win,” was focused heavily on the family reunion as Phil’s family was in town for it. All in all, the family reunion proved to be a success, but the episode didn’t run its course without some issues. Carlton, played by Olly Sholotan, is still dealing with the pressures of the world as his fight with anxiety continues day by day. We’ve seen Carlton somewhat fail to come through in critical moments, like during the Black Student Union protest and even during the family flag football game, and it appears that tackling these pressures is at play for episode 7.

In a new teaser for episode 7, titled “Under Pressure,” Carlton is seated with Vivian as opens up about the pressure he feels from the world, saying, “All people see are my mistakes.” Vivian assures him that it’s just an aspect of life that even she experienced at his age, just without the constant presence of cameras that Carlton’s generation has to deal with. “Evolving, it never stops,” she says. “I mean, I am still on my own journey even at this age.” Vivian concludes with the teaser by adding, “What I’ve learned is that whatever we’re going through, there’s someone else who’s feeling the same way.”

“Under Pressure” could be another shining moment for Carlton and we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case when the episode arrives on Peacock this Thursday, April 6.

You can watch the preview for Bel-Air season 2, episode 7 in the video above.