Benedict Cumberbatch Has The Hardest Time Saying The Word Penguin

In 2009, BBC Two debuted the six-part nature documentary series South Pacific, which offered us a spectacular look at the wildlife of a variety of islands, including locations many people had never seen before. Narrating the series was beloved British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, whose name conveniently sounds like a species of small bird, and he definitely has a voice that could give Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones a run for their money. That is, if he can just get past his one little strange mispronunciation.

YouTuber Graham Hughes took this brief clip from the “Strange Islands” episode and it has us now asking the very obscure question – can Benedict Cumberbatch say “penguins”? Or should we just rename the adorable flightless birds “pengwings” so we can continue to think Pumpkin Patch is flawless?