‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Can’t Agree On How A Trademark Move Went Down In The Season Finale

The Better Call Saul finale appears to be a hit with audiences, and even though I didn’t get one of my wishes (for Kim Wexler to appear and everything turns to color), I still received one of those things. Kim and Jimmy/Saul/Gene appeared onscreen together once more, except that Kim is now Florida Kim, who writes water-sprinkler copy for a living and uses Miracle Whip, but wait: her law license is still good in New Mexico, so… ‘Saul Good. (Gotta squeeze that in for one of the last times.)

There’s a lot to discuss about the finale (do expect Brian Grubb’s Lie Detector Test), including a repeat Heisenberg appearance and talk of time machines. And although people were frustrated by one element of the live broadcast, we still got to see the central pair back together and speaking their unspoken language, long after divorce. Jimmy’s in prison now, and that might be the case for many years, which is not that awful considering everything that he’s done. It’s also a pretty sunshiney outcome for someone who observed a “my lawyer will ream your a**” scrawling on his jail cell wall.

To the point, though, the final scene saw Kim leaving Jimmy behind in prison while he’s outside in the yard. She turns to him, and he does his iconic finger-gun thing as a goodbye, whereas the Season 5 finale saw Kim doing her own finger guns (a telling sign that she was “breaking bad,” and boy, was she ever), after which these two chaotic lovebirds continued to fetishize their Howard Hamlin plans. At the end of the show, however, Kim has chosen to leave Jimmy’s fraud-filled lifestyle in the dust, and although it’s clear that she still misses him, she’s not going to openly endorse the finger guns.

Or does she? Fans enjoyed how Jimmy/Saul/Gene left the building by shooting those finger guns. It made some people emotional.

And on face value, it looked like Kim didn’t reciprocate the gesture.

Yet on second thought, well, maybe she did finger guns, too? Nah. People who can’t help themselves went detective to see how Kim’s right hand appeared to be (very subtly) doing the low-key finger gun thing? This feels like a major stretch.

In the end, the finger guns were the way to go out for Saul. As one viewer pointed out, the move speaks volumes, no matter what happens to Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler, apart or together, in the future.