‘Better Call Saul’ Viewers Had One Major Quibble While Watching The Series Finale

Bob Odenkirk thought a whole lot about a certain Nic Cage movie while filming the final episodes of Better Call Saul, and let’s just say that there’s a “rock bottom” commonality going on. From Gene being found in a dumpster and ending up in jail to him hysterically laughing at the “my lawyer will ream your ass” scrawling on the wall, it’s not looking good for him. And the series finale went off with a few hitches for viewers — one being (gasp!) commercials — which distracted from the substance at hand.

And that’s a shame because people were ready to swallow the finale whole after the penultimate episode left off with Gene fleeing after Marion ratted him out. We saw Gene jousting with the legal system, a feat that was complicated by Kim Wexler already spilling her guts on Howard Hamlin. Yet Gene was also on the hook for various white collar crimes, and there was a wonderful, glorious surprise for viewers: another Heisenberg cameo. In the end, there is much to be said (and we will say it very soon) about the Better Call Saul finale. However, there was a bit of an issue, not unlike a certain Game Of Thrones episode, where viewers were obsessed by not being able to see the Battle of Winterfell in “The Long Night.”

So, was that kind-of what happened here with what viewers were calling a constant stream of commercials on AMC? Not quite. This is, after all, a cable TV event that’s not readily streamable yet. Yet people got upset, perhaps unjustifiably, but their point stands. (And at the time of this writing, the finale’s not over yet.)

Yet there were a few ways to stream thing thing, and that includes the AMC app. That meant a slight delay but no commercials.

At least we’ve got Cinnabon memories. And babies.