‘Better Call Saul’ Finally Gave Us An Update About A Certain ‘Breaking Bad’ Character

While fans still have two episodes left of Better Call Saul to figure out what happens to America’s Best Lawyer Kim Wexler (and, by extension, Saul Goodman), the writers have been slowly dropping in various hints about what became of certain Breaking Bad characters after the show’s chaotic conclusion.

One fan-favorite character has been unaccounted for in the Better Call Saul flash-forward sequences: Huell Babineaux. Huell was last seen staying at a safe house in Breaking Bad (the running gag was that he was there for several years). While Huell appeared numerous times in the prequel show, his fate was never revealed until the recent episode of Better Call Saul.

Saul arranged to speak with his former assistant Francesca over the phone, who provide him with updates on various Breaking Bad characters. She mentions that Jesse Pinkman fled the country (for the events that followed in El Camino), while Skyler White got her deal to avoid prison. We also learned that Francesca narrowly escaped the law and is still frequently followed when she’s not acting as a landlord to the world’s worst tenants.

When asked about Huell, played by Lavell Crawford, Francesca said he is safe. “I guess back home in New Orleans. DEA held him under false pretenses or something. Last I heard, he walked,” she revealed. So, Huell is safe! Though it seems like his days of lounging around in piles of money are behind him…for now.

Executive producer Tom Schnauz recently told Entertainment Weekly that they wanted at least one character to escape the ordeal unscathed. “It was weird. I feel like I wanted somebody from the universe to get away and kind of be happy [laughs],” he explained. “They had set Huell up with the fake photograph and they lied to him about the circumstances, so he felt like the easiest one to be able to walk away from all this.”

The final episodes of Better Call Saul air Mondays at 9 on AMC.

(Via Yahoo! News and Entertainment Weekly)