Some Theories And Predictions For How ’Better Call Saul’ Will End

Better Call Saul has been fast approaching the Breaking Bad timeline (and literally so in the most recent episode that’s actually titled, “Breaking Bad”), at least as far as Jimmy/Saul is concerned. The timing of certain pivotal details remains slightly dicey, but what’s important here is that we’re down to penultimate and final series episodes. We’ve already seen Walter White and Jesse Pinkman make their prequel-spinoff debut (along with Buzz from Home Alone), and people have had plenty of Jesse memes to offer in response.

Where does the show go in the few episodes left before we lose sight of Bob Odenkirk in this franchise? Well, we do know that Kim Wexler left the building prior to antepenultimate time, although her true fate (is she really in Florida?) remains murky. Let’s just say that Redditors had plenty to say about the season as it’s been ticking off boxes (a lot of people hoped Lalo Salamanca would somehow survive — and that a belt buckle turns out to be very important — despite not physically appearing in Breaking Bad, but Lalo obviously did not make it). And this won’t be a completist list of the theories, but it will touch upon the most compelling ones. Let’s get down to business.

Not like The Sopranos or Mad Men, but more like… ? It doesn’t seem likely that this show would abruptly cut to black or with Gene, like, meditating or with the equivalent of a Coke commercial, so will this show follow in the face of any other iconic endings? This is a fun/sad one with one Reddit user hypothesizing that Jimmy/Saul/Gene’s story will end in the manner of Bojack Horseman. This would suppose that there’s no wonderful reconciliation with Kim Wexler, and Jimmy will be haunted by all of his cons and ill deeds, along with the deaths of both Chuck and Howard. This theory equates Gene’s furious phone call with Bojack’s sister cutting ties an equally “we don’t know exactly what transpired in that conversation” sort of way. And this theory would dovetail with everyone who believes that Slippin’ Jimmy ends his story behind bars. Also, this would be fitting because it would give Jimmy a different ending than Walt (dead) or Jesse (escape), and let’s face it, Jimmy always had some legal retribution coming.

Marion’s laptop will be the downfall of Gene/Saul/Jimmy: Carol Burnett’s character (Jeff’s mother) was almost guaranteed to be more than a mere cameo, and the setup here seems too logical (for some) to be ignored. She’s gonna dig around in that laptop and look at cat videos on YouTube and maybe stumble upon one of Saul’s ads, thereby potentially being the person to bring Gene’s true identity to light? Then boom, goodbye to freedom, Gene. Never underestimate the power of someone with too much time on their hands who isn’t thrilled about her son’s friends. It could be a fitting twist after all of Jimmy’s con work alongside the elderly, although it wouldn’t come without some mixed feelings since Jimmy truly did seem to care for (at least some of) his clients.

The man with cancer is a red herring: This theory posits that, yes, Gene is not doing the smartest thing in the world by heading to this guy’s house and breaking in, but that the man will be a reality check or a sounding board for Gene/Jimmy/Saul. It further follows that Gene and the man (who would miraculously be awake after developing a hell of a tolerance to pain pills) could simply talk, thereby allowing Gene to bare his soul and all of his misdeeds to a man who’s suffering from cancer, meaning that he’s a bit of a stand-in for Walter White. Yes, it’s all far-fetched but not out of the realm of possibility. Who else does Gene really have to talk to, and what better than to do it with someone who could soon be dead or so hopped up on painkillers that telling him everything wouldn’t even matter?

The universe’s timeline will come to an end with Gene: This might not be the most flashy theory of all (heck, it might seem like common sense), but it’s an important one, especially for people who like to put a nice bow on things. This theory suggests that Gene’s timeline will complete the full Breaking Bad universe story, and there will be no extension of the universe past the Saul finale. It further follows that the Cinnabon scenes took place about a year after Jimmy assumed the Gene role and began growing that ‘stache. Granted, there’s no guarantee that this is the case, but it would allow the universe’s focus (in retrospect) to remain on Walt and Jesse’s deeds. And it doesn’t overrule the possibility of another spinoff or limited series or movie, just that this movie won’t move further in time than Gene’s timeline.

Something bad for Kim Wexler: Theories (and these are somewhat outdated) abound on how Kim has possibly been dead for quite some time (unbeknownst to Jimmy), which would mean that she’s not truly in Florida or working for whatever front-company, and that Gene’s ending involves him being sad as hell (the penultimate episode will be called “Waterworks,” though I doubt that refers to Gene dissolving into a pool of tears, that’s too obvious) and alone forever after he finally realizes that she’s dead. And further theories have her alive and well and keeping tabs on Jimmy all along. How does that angry phone call factor into this theory? There’s no telling.

Kim Wexler is doing just fine: This isn’t a Reddit theory, it’s my own, and I’m sticking with it. I want her to walk into view (angry as hell, or happy to see Jimmy and go forth to pull off more cons, it doesn’t matter) and for the world to turn to color. And then I want AMC to announce that Kim’s getting her own limited series and that Rhea Seehorn will make a billion dollars. There’s your ending!