A ‘Better Call Saul’ Writer Explains How Jimmy And Kim’s ‘Dastardly’ Scheme Will Hurt Innocent People

“Poor [fill-in-the-blank name]” could apply to a lot of the characters on Better Call Saul. Most of them, honestly. Poor Nacho, for… you know. Poor Howard, for Saul and Kim’s constant attempts to ruin his career (he’s a bozo, but not a bad guy). Poor Spooge, for being named Spooge. But in last night’s episode, “Black and Blue,” the “poor [fill-in-the-blank name]” award goes to poor Viola.

The paralegal, played by Gilmore Girls favorite Keiko Agena, thought she was having a friendly lunch with Kim, who abruptly quit her job at Schweikart & Cokely last season, leaving Viola to pick up the pieces. But nope, the meet-up was actually an excuse for Kim to get information on a judge as part of her and Saul’s scheme against Howard.

Slippin’ Jimmy would be proud, but it’s still a “dastardly” thing to do.

“I think there is some genuine affinity tied into the scene, but that’s what makes it so dastardly,” episode writer Melissa Bernstein told the Hollywood Reporter. “If she didn’t care for Viola, then it would just be very clear cut, but this is a very dark side of Kim. We’ve seen her navigate some unsavory personalities and glean information when it’s advantageous to her and Jimmy, but to do that to a character that we all like as an audience, somebody who is professing how much she admires Kim, is very, very low.”

Bernstein called the disarming way Kim spoke to Viola “pretty shameful. That’s becoming more and more clear as these guys get deeper into the scam. Innocent people are going to get hurt or be taken advantage of.”

Just stay away from Little Bear, deal?

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)