‘Better Call Saul’ Viewers Were Very Concerned For The Fate Of A New Character

TV’s best villain is back.

In last night’s episode of Better Call Saul, “Black and Blue,” Lalo Salamanca, played by Tony Dalton (no one goes from charming to mustache-twirling better than him), made only his second appearance of the season. (“Whenever Lalo’s not onscreen, all the other characters should be asking, where’s Lalo?”) He’s been on the run since the raid at his compound in the season five finale, so where did he go?

It turns out, he traveled to Germany to visit / seduce / nearly kill the wife of Werner Ziegler, the engineer who helped build Gus’s super-lab back in New Mexico. After a long night at the bar, Lalo walks Margarethe home. She’s tempted to invite him inside, but she has work in the morning (and it would also be her first romantic encounter with a man since the death of her husband) so they go their separate ways. Or so she thinks — Lalo waits until she leaves the next morning to break into her house and begin his sleuthing.

It’s a tense sequence, never more so than when Margarethe’s (bilingual?) dog, Little Bear, won’t shut the heck up. He senses evil. Lalo is too smart to kill a dog (he’s not an animal activist, or anything, but it would leave behind a body and therefore, evidence), but I was still concerned for Little Bear. I wasn’t the only one, either.

Paddington is still the best little bear, but Little Bear is in second place.