‘Game Of Thrones’ Viewers All Have The Same Complaint About The ‘Battle of Winterfell’


Well, the enormously anticipated Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell aired as expected on Sunday night. Everyone was thrilled to see who lives and who dies, but there was one major problem while all of the bloodshed began to unfurl. As the Night King’s forces advanced on hunkered-down humanity, viewers waited to see who would live, and who would die. Would it be Jaime, Brienne, Jorah, or and Grey Worm who would lose their life first? Maybe Tormund? Sadly, it was difficult to follow all of the action as the 82-minute fight commenced. Why? Because no one could see anything.

Seriously, the action was far too dark to monitor with the naked eye, even on devices with the brightness amped up to full capacity, and people were understandably frustrated and airing their thoughts.

There’s a bright side (pun fully intended), as one tweeter noted.

Really, it was a little ridiculous … and the complaints kept rolling.


HBO did what they did for a reason, no doubt. That won’t stop fans from complaining, but hey, we can watch it all again. And again. And try to figure out exactly what went down, but hey, we might never know! Depending on who ends up dying, that might be for the best.