Aaron Paul Loses It While Watching The Infamous ‘Better Caul Saul’ Squat Cobbler Scene

They weren’t catchphrases, exactly, but Breaking Bad introduced some of the most memorable TV show quotes in recent memory, including “I am the danger,” “may his death satisfy you,” and “I am the one who knocks.” Better Call Saul bested them all with three simple words: “Hoboken Squat Cobbler.”

In the second episode of Better Call Saul season two, Jimmy casually references the “squat cobbler” to a pair of detectives. You might not know it as the Full Moon Moon Pie, or Boston Crème Splat, or Simple Simon the Ass Man, or Dutch Apple Ass, but they all mean the same thing: it’s when a man sits in pie and… wiggles around. Of course Jimmy is lying — there’s no such thing as a “Hoboken Squat Cobbler,” or at least there wasn’t until this episode — to protect his baseball card-loving client, but the cops don’t know that.

In the original script, “there weren’t as many names,” co-creator Peter Gould told Alan Sepinwall. “In fact, I don’t know that we named it at all.” But when Bob Odenkirk helpfully pitched that all sex acts have names, he gave “us a direction that we ran with, and then he ran with it in performance. And I just love it.” So does Aaron Paul, who can be seen reacting to the term in a bonus feature from the Better Call Saul season two DVD and Blu-ray.

Just don’t ask for the “Squat Cobbler, Bitch.” That’s something else entirely.