Better Start Saving If You Want To Buy Kim And Kanye’s Baby’s Poop

06.18.13 5 years ago 31 Comments

kanye kim

Kim and Kanye’s baby doesn’t have a name yet — the early frontrunner is North, if only so Kanye can enact his plan where he nicknames his daughter Queen, so that in 20 years, he can stab the Queen of the North West in the stomach — but she’s already a celebrity. People buy crap from famous people all the time (Dan Aykroyd’s still making his drowned souls vodka, made from Slimer’s tears), and apparently they’ll also buy literal crap, too.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby girl already has the Midas touch — ’cause her poop-filled diapers could be solid gold, according to the stars of Hardcore Pawn. Leslie Gold told our photog in NYC, if someone wanted to pawn baby Kimye’s soiled poop sacks, he’d definitely pony up some cash. (Via)

Wow. My high school friends were dead on. I am “Most Likely to Write About Kim and Kanye’s Baby’s Sh*t.”

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