No One Hates ‘The Big Bang Theory’ More Than This Guy, And He Explains Why

Modern Family is a consistently fine sitcom that gets more guff than it deserves due to the ridiculous number of Emmys it’s won over more deserving comedies like Parks and Recreation, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and 30 Rock. The Big Bang Theory has never won Outstanding Comedy Series (only nominated four times), but it’s been one of the three highest-rated shows on television since 2012, and deserves all the scorn thrown its way.

The abbreviated running time is one thing. The bland nerd pandering is another. As our own Dan Seitz wrote, “The most basic problem with The Big Bang Theory, both in terms of being genuinely funny and in terms of the world it pretends to portray, is that it’s generic.” He later added, “The show’s writers don’t know enough, or care enough, to make a [nerd] joke feel real.”

In other words:

There’s no joke. Just a random assortment of nerd things. Doctor Who! Game of Thrones! ThunderCats! Transformers! (No one who likes Doctor Who also enjoys Transformers, but I digress.) Even Family Guy would demand a rewrite.

I haven’t heard a joke that lazy since Star Trek: Voyager was hanging out with Star Wars at Battlestar Galactica‘s bar in the Stargate SG-1 quadrant.

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