Jim Parsons Stops By ‘Conan’ And Demonstrates His Spanking Technique On Andy Richter

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons was on Conan and demonstrated his patented spanking technique for Conan via a willing Andy Richter.

I read in the comments earlier that there wasn’t enough Big Bang Theory coverage on the site and by luck this happened, raising our coverage well above 100% for the day.

Parsons details the way the show informs him of the silly things he will be doing on screen, using a story about spanking Blossom’s Mayim Bialik over several takes. But words couldn’t do it justice.

Enter Andy Richter and his ability to get the biggest laugh almost daily on Conan. He thrusts himself onto Parsons’ lap and gives us a clip that actually had me busting a laugh through the halls of this old, creaky manor I occupy.

Bravo, you kings of late night. Your successes far outweigh the moments that you’ve let me down and this is truly a success. You managed to make me laugh at something Big Bang Theory related.

Even with that said, I have to respect a show that can command such ratings and fandom in the current television environment. We are spoiled for choice and people flock to watch a show on a basic network like CBS.

(Lead image via Team Coco)