People Don’t Understand That Bill Hader Isn’t Really LeBron James’ Doctor

In the movie Trainwreck, Bill Hader plays a sports doctor who works with professional athletes, including his character’s close personal friend LeBron James, who plays an exaggerated version of himself. Perhaps it’s due to that fact that people get confused as to the nature of Hader’s relationship with James, such as Jimmy Kimmel who feigned surprise that Hader wasn’t at the parade in Cleveland with his “best friend.”

As it turns out, Hader isn’t actually a sports fan and hasn’t kept in close contact with James since the film, but that doesn’t stop people from reaching out to him on Twitter and sending him text messages — specifically he says, when LeBron got hurt — asking him why he’s not on deck for his buddy.

But that’s not the only way Hader gets confused by fans. Aside from getting mistaken for fictional characters he plays, he also gets mistaken for fictional characters he doesn’t play. That list includes Will Forte on Last Man on Earth, Dwight from The Office, and one guy who even randomly mistook him for Stephen King, of all people. That one probably perplexed him the most, as he points out that Stephen King “is like 70 years old,” and also “creepy looking.”

Uh, on the bright side maybe he’ll nab that starring biopic role someday?