Bill Hader on Stefon

Bill Hader of “Saturday Night Live” was a guest on “The Late Show” this week, and he talked with David Letterman about the genesis of his wildly popular Stefon character on Weekend Update. Apparently, Stefon was developed by Hader and”SNL” writer John Mulaney (whose stand-up is great if you ever get the chance to watch him) — the crazy assets of “New York’s hottest clubs” comes from a promoter that Mulaney knew, while Stefon’s nervous mannerisms are those of a barista that served Hader.

And for anyone who’s curious as to why Hader can never make it through a sketch as Stefon without laughing, it’s because everyone on the set is conspiring against him: Seth Meyers, the cue card guy, even Mulaney — who changes jokes at the last second to catch Hader off guard. It’s all very endearing and makes me like the character even more, which means that this will all be ruined by a Stefon movie in 2012.

[Gawker TV via Vulture]