Bill Hader Recounts The First Time Matt Stone And Trey Parker From ‘South Park’ Met Bill Murray

(via Getty Image)

I was listening to Bill Hader on The Nerdist podcast this week, and it was amusing in all the ways that Bill Hader is typically amusing. He spoke about leaving Saturday Night Live, why he chose to do so (mostly to move to Los Angeles with his family), and he actually spent a lot of time talking about his marriage to writer/director Maggie Carey (The To Do List), which is fascinating if you like hearing about the minutia of married life (I do). He also dropped some interesting Saturday Night Live tales, and spoke about the tireless work ethic of people like Lorne Michaels and Southpark’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker, with whom Hader works with as a writer on South Park.

The conversation basically moved from Saturday Night Live to Ghostbusters and then to Bill Murray, which was probably the most fascinating part of the podcast. Hader talked about his embarassing first encounter with Murray, and then ended up telling a story about the first time that Matt Stone and Trey Parker met him. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that the South Park duo, who are typically nonplussed by celebrity encounters, basically LOST THEIR SH*T.

It’s an outstanding anectdote, and someone on YouTube was kind enough to isolate the minute and thirty-six second story, so you can listen to it in its entirety below, or listen to the entire podcast.