Here’s Bill Hader Describing A Scrapped SNL ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Talk Show Sketch

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09.23.14 9 Comments

Bill Hader is a top five late night talk show guest. No one denies this. On top of being forever genuine and good-spirited, you’re pretty much guaranteed a few impromptu impressions as well as a peek behind the scenes of his time at SNL, which will never not be fascinating.

Last night Hader jumped off a Craig Ferguson anecdote about Anthony Hopkins to detail the Buffalo Bill talk show sketch they attempted to put together at Saturday Night Live, but was scrapped for what I guess are obviously reasons (despite sounding awesome). There may have been a few write-in complaints about the fake show’s version of Ed McMahon.

(Spoiler for those of you who can’t click play at work: it was the girl in the well. Would watch.)

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