Watch Bill Hader Do Perfect Impressions Of ‘SNL’ Cast Members

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Bill Hader was on Conan last night to promote his and Kristen Wiig’s new movie, The Skeleton Twins, and once again Conan O’Brien wasted no time dipping into Hader’s treasure trove of pitch-perfect impressions.

As you might recall, last time Hader was on the program he whipped out some uncanny Star Wars impressions. This time Hader imitated figures that hit much closer to home (and a lot less far, far away): his former Saturday Night Live cast mates. Fred Armisen, Wiig, and gum-annihilating maniac Jason Sudeikis all get mimicked during the bit, and even Conan gets the treatment towards the end.

Speaking of SNL, Hader will return to his old stomping grounds to host the third episode of the show’s 40th season on October 11th.

Team Coco