Bill Murray Is Asked About ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Again While Crowdsourcing The All-Female Cast

Bill Murray made another fantastic appearance on The Late Show, this time with a fairly reserved tux look. I expected another costume this time, especially considering the proximity to Halloween, but I was proven wrong again.

The topic of conversation didn’t surprise me, especially considering all the rumblings about a lady Ghostbusters movie. It seems like they’re finally going to make Ghostbusters 3 due to it, so that’s not all bad (even if I have no faith in the story being any good).

Murray took to the crowd to determine who should be in the film, naming off the cast of Parks & Rec, Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, and Linda Cardellini before the audience got involved with Kristen Wiig and Betty White. I’m all for Linda Cardellini in everything.

(Via The Late Show)