Bill O’Reilly Has Challenged ‘Pinhead’ Will Ferrell To A Debate For Some Reason

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09.25.15 18 Comments

Bill O’Reilly may have just called down the thunder, and Will Ferrell could ride it right into the no-spin zone to shove it down his throat. That’s because the Fox News pundit has called out Ferrell and other supporters of Bernie Sanders, singling out Ferrell for a debate of politics, Bernie Sanders, his movies, anything. His choice. Free debate.

This all came while O’Reilly was out promoting his book “Killing Reagan,” dropping this hot fire on everybody’s morning favorite, Fox And Friends. Here’s how it went down, according to The Wrap:

“I will debate you any time, you pinhead, you come on in here for 15 minutes, me and you, okay?” O’Reilly had said. “About Bernie or politics in general, or about your films? I’m ready to go.”

Of course, his tune changed a bit later on his own program and he admits he might’ve misspoke just a bit in reference to Will Ferrell:

“I shouldn’t have called out Will Ferrell, but I am getting a little fed up with these people,” he said. “You want to support Bernie, knock yourself out. Does he know what Bernie stands for? Does he know what Bernie wants? And I submit to you, he doesn’t.”

Look, that’s still kinda backhanded. And we’ve heard from Sanders himself, calling him a socialist is not a criticism. You can check out the full segment below, but a sane person might go bounce a ball against the door and wait for Will Ferrell’s reply to it all.

(Via The Wrap)

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