Bill O’Reilly Is PISSED That Stephen Colbert Mocked His Plan To Use A Mercenary Army To Fight ISIS

Last week Bill O’Reilly came up with an excellent — nay, brilliant — plan for fighting ISIS. All it involves is sending a ground force of highly-paid mercenaries from around the world to combat terrorist forces. What could go wrong with that? Other than a group of paid, vigilante assassins going completely rogue and probably causing as much if not more mayhem than they originally set out to combat.

Of course, Stephen Colbert naturally had to party poop all over military genius O’Reilly’s plan, but Papa Bear is having none of that. Yesterday on his show he featured a Tip of the Day segment on “how to deal with dumb people” dedicated to Colbert mocking his plan, conveniently leaving out the part that most of Colbert’s affirming footage on the subject literally came from Fox News talking heads.

But as O’Reilly points out, in the world of the ideologue, it’s not solutions that matter, but how you feel about things. Even if O’Reilly’s opponents, detractors, colleagues and typically like-minded individuals “feel” that his idea is dumber than a box of hair.

Never let the haters weaken your shining star, Bill.


Here’s Colbert’s original segment: