Bill O’Reilly Is Predictably Pro-Maher In The Ben Affleck-Bill Maher Fight, Thinks ISIS Would Behead Ben Affleck

In case you missed it, over the weekend noted liberals Bill Maher and Ben Affleck got into an epic pissing match over the subject of extremist Islam, and whether or not the prejudice should extend towards peaceful Muslims since even peaceful Muslims have shifty views on women and homosexuals. I’m not even going to feign taking a side here since, as Andrew put it, the debate is between a “guy with a questionable knowledge of the topic at hand and another who is a smarmy douche most of the time.”

Bill O’Reilly, on the other hand, has no problem taking a side and as I’m sure it will come as absolutely zero surprise to anybody, he sided with Bill Maher (and guest author Sam Harris), who both took the predominately anti-Muslim stance.

“Maher is correct on the overall effect Islam is having on the world right now,” O’Reilly said Monday on his show “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Militant Islam continues to drive worldwide terrorism.” The Fox host added, “Ben Affleck should well understand that he himself would be beheaded in a heartbeat by these ISIS animals.”

“Criticism of Islam’s role on the world stage is certainly valid,” the Fox host said. “The Muslim world needs to take a hard look at itself.”

Great. Just what we need, extreme right-wing and left-wing buttholes Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly agreeing with each other. So what comes next, now — the locusts or raining frogs? Either way I blame Ben Affleck.

Here’s the original segment from Real Time with Bill Maher:

(Via Politico)